For Young People

Encouraging Purpose and Self Worth

I have a particular interest in helping young people who are struggling to find their way in a world their parents can barely understand. Times have changed dramatically in the past 20 years; reality is sometimes a brutal companion.

Everything from career planning to bullying can result in behavioural issues in teenagers that the adults who care about them find troubling. I bring a fully supportive, non-judgemental approach to helping kids move forward in what can often seem like a freakishly unfriendly world.

Young people often don’t feel they can talk freely to their parents or guidance counsellors at school and I give them a safe place in which to work through their unhappiness to a stronger sense of purpose and self-worth.

If a young person in your life needs the help of an expert in the spiritual and social issues that can cause massive distress, please contact me today so we can start moving them towards a life of ease and relief.