For Those In Service

Service On the Line

Does the service your team provides immerse them in the negative emotions of other people?

Do you have a successful plan for dealing with the fallout?

Distress call centres, emergency care services, medical facilities, funeral homes, and many other organizations, are all positioned on the front line of humanity. They work in a world where lives are at stake and the workplace is often inundated with the gut-wrenching pain of grief and loss. Employees and volunteers strive to provide the most compassionate care possible for people whose worlds are shattering in the trauma of unexpected disaster.

But they’re human, too.

Your staff members make a huge difference in the world and their work can put an enormous strain on their personal, emotional and spiritual resources. Many reach points of burnout and breakdown, and others quit when the strain of their environment begins to feel overwhelming. The cost to your organization can be huge.

Balancing the Energy

I run workshops and provide coaching to people whose work has implications that are potentially very negative for them. I share practical techniques on how to deal with the particular stresses of their job, and I teach them how to protect themselves from the negative energy that may be present in their environment. I have many tips and techniques for balancing the energy overall in a work unit, and I deliver relief with a high degree of expertise and compassion.

Are you concerned about how the negative energy circulating in your service organization might be affecting your team? I can.  Contact me today for more details on how I can make the Divine Connections necessary to protect your personnel and reduce the rate of burnout and dropout at your organization.