Welcome to Divine Connections!

There is a great deal that can go off the rails in the course of a lifetime, and I’m sorry to say that I’ve seen first-hand the anguish of people whose careers are in tatters, whose relationships are on the rocks or whose dreams are burning to ashes in the unyielding crucible of daily life.

That’s not OK with me!

As the chief visionary of this company it is my joy and privilege to help people orchestrate the wholeness and happiness they desire and deserve.

I am completely devoted to helping you take your problem, whatever it might be, and bring it to a satisfactory resolution so you can get on with the important task of living your life on purpose and in alignment with who you truly are.

A Powerful Combination of Intuitive and Practical Skills

I have a lifetime of intuitive training and practice behind me, and I’ve enjoyed a professional career that spanned decades and included senior executive positions in major corporations.  With a powerful combination of intuitive and practical skills, I bring a balanced perspective on Divine guidance to my work on your behalf.

Ready for Some Answers?

I bring my service to people who want answers. People who are sick and tired of trying and failing. People who know there’s something better out there, but who aren’t sure what that something is, or how to make it real. Quite often, they’re teetering on the edge of panic as they try to balance what they believe they should be doing and feeling with the yearnings of their heart.

I use a variety of techniques for helping you identify the source of your unhappiness, and I easily guide you towards making any changes you feel are necessary to achieve your desired results, in whatever way you feel is best for you. I am trained in a vast array of holistic and behavioural practices and I am an authority on personal transformation.

Haven’t You Been Judged Enough?

A key part of my philosophy is to compassionately support you without judgement. Haven’t you been judged enough? And I refrain from making assumptions about your values, beliefs, motivation, or behaviour.

My role is not to give advice, but rather to guide you to your own answers.

You deserve a life built around your dreams and desires and that is exactly what is available to you. Are you ready to create it with me now? Let’s connect!